Skipping off the narrow way


Once again, it is “Christmas in July.” Check out Hallmark channel if you don’t believe this. Last night there was a movie on about a small town in Alaska over which Santa Claus presided in disguise. The actress who was cast in the role of a heroine who rediscovered Christmas and found true love in “Garland”* with the son of Santa, is well-known for her testimony for Christ. The last image shown was Santa’s little buggy hurrying off, silhouetted against a full moon. 


for more about the unBiblical nature and origin of this holiday, go to:

The X Mass H8rs Blog – post: Firebrand Informational Ministries


*The religious significance of garlands was evident in the European Middle Ages (c.5th–15th centuries) when they were hung on religious statues. The Hindus in India also attach a spiritual meaning to flowers, wearing and adorning their statues with blessed garlands. Encyclopædia Britannica online



2 thoughts on “Skipping off the narrow way

  1. Isn’t it invigorating to find TRUTH where most would not look for it? My parents never lied to me about Santa, nor did they embellish the truth about the Christmas holidays. I grew up knowing the origins and why they were so alluring.

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