FROM THE HEART – Timothy F. Kauffman’s testimony


Timothy Kauffman is a former Roman Catholic who is now working so that others may know the truth about Catholicism and be given an opportunity to hear the Gospel. Here is his testimony. It was the initial post on his blog, Out of His Mouth.



February 3, 2014

I became a believer in 1990, and because I was saved out of Roman Catholicism, and into Christianity, I just assumed all of my fellow Protestants understood why Roman Catholicism was out of accord with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that will offend some people, but let’s be honest. The debate over the true church took place 500 years ago, and both sides—Protestant and Roman Catholic—concluded that the other side was in error. There have been many failed attempts since then to gloss over the differences, but those attempts always fail because one side believes in justification by faith + works, and the other believes in justification by faith alone. The two positions are irreconcilable…

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