Things to consider before becoming a Catholic


If you’re thinking about becoming a Catholic, I urge you to watch the following short video by Keith Thompson of Reformed Apologetics Ministries. He offers many helpful facts about Catholicism that others may not tell you. This video would also be helpful to those who left the Church and are considering going back. 


Things to consider before becoming a Catholic


The following link takes you to an in depth video Keith produced that you can watch free on YouTube. It is available on discs as well. I have not watched this entire video yet.


Reformed Answers on the Roman Corruption of Christianity (8 hrs)


10 thoughts on “Things to consider before becoming a Catholic

  1. A young woman who worked for me said she wanted to join the Catholic Church because “she liked their ways”. I assumed she meant the trappings, rituals, pomp and circumstance. These are exactly the things that attract the innocent and unlearned mind, and that’s the way the enemy of our soul, planned it. Like glitter, sequins or an elaborate frosting on a cake, etc. It is nothing like the humble and gentle Jesus Christ. You never saw Him being carried around like a king on a litter, or adorned in fancy robes. No, dear people, what the Catholic Church offers you has a “form of godliness, but it is a counterfeit of the real thing, and it is a spiritual trap that will hold you in bondage for now in this life and in all eternity, wishing you had never made that fateful choice. Run away from it like your hair is on fire.

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    • Scarlett, yes, outwardly it is appealing, but it denies the Lord Jesus Christ in so many ways, disobeying His explicit commands. But it does seem so old and splendid, and has the appearance of goodness (good works). Yes, Jesus never dressed to draw attention.
      We felt that we should attend the viewing for this beloved person but could not attend the funeral Mass. We had decided this and the Lord made it impossible too by putting our van in the shop!
      Thank you, Scarlett. I appreciate your participation so much!

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  2. Hi Marie,
    Only to tell you, I read your blog (a little bit) a long time ago, Often, I’m not sure to understand some subtilitys, But I hope, I believe in your blog reflects Jesus. Be blessing, Béréenne

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    • It’s not sensational, Rob, just a quiet presentation of facts. That is part of what is good about it.
      Lord bless you too, and thank you for being patient on my approving and replying to comments.


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