The allure of Catholicism


Recently we went to the viewing of a near relation who was Roman Catholic. On the way we prayed about this. When we arrived the van broke down, smoke issuing from near the right front tire well.

It was a prayerful but strange ride there. My husband babied the van because it had a problem with RPMs dropping, and I enjoyed the scenery to an incredible degree. Spring can be intoxicating.

So can Catholicism. There is such a sense of oneness. You are one with so many people, as well as friendly with the world. I felt the intoxication of Spring and the allure of this religion, which I once practiced.

There is this sense of belonging, and also the beautiful buildings, the soaring spires, the artistic funeral cards with pictures of Saint Anthony of Padua holding the golden-haired boy they believe is Jesus. You can love the earth, and the world, and the beauty of extraordinary architecture – you can feel you belong to both the earth and the world, as well as Heaven (hopefully).

But all this allure and beauty and belonging are not true. When we leave it for the Saviour Jesus Christ and His Word and His call to separation from the world, we leave it forever. He has commanded us to leave, called us out, done this work in us.

Goodbye again, world and worldly faith! Jesus made me alive and forgave me. Goodbye forever, allure of the man of sin, who paints a false happiness and false holiness, which can join with this corrupt world that is passing away.



18 thoughts on “The allure of Catholicism

  1. I grew up with cousins who were Roman Catholic. I can remember attending the RC church as a child but not being able to participate in the Eucharist. 😦 I remember how beautiful my cousin was in her white confirmation dress and veil and how jealous I was that I could not be a participant in that ritual. 😦 What a beautiful church and service, too! Now, I am so very thankful that the Lord watched over me in that respect. I was so enamored by it all that I may very well have put my sensual appetite for the pomp and show above God’s Word!

    It can be said by us, Thank You, Father, for the prevention of my foot treading on an evil path!

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  2. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ that He Himself delivered you. When my husband and I attended the funeral of a friend of the family at the local Catholic Church I remember being saddened by their deceptive presentation of the truth shrouded by their traditions and rituals. So close, but yet so far, because they teach as doctrine the commandments of men. Thank God for His truth which endures forever and His Holy Spirit who keeps us safe, faithful and true to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God bless us:)

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  3. One thing here struck me about the commentary you gave about the buildings. I remembered what Christ said at the beginning of Matthew 24 when the disciples said virtually the same thing about the Temple! Hard hitting words, there. I’ll watch that film from your other post, soon as I get a chance.

    Are you all right?

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    • Jen, I hadn’t even thought of this. Thank you! Yes, Matt. 24 shows how taken with such things – splendor etc. – even the disciples were. No different today. Watch the film when you get a chance. The Keith Thompson about considering becoming a Catholic is short and sweet (is this an expression you use across the pond?).
      About being all right, yes I’m much better. I still cry quite a bit but this is good (except that it is trying for my husband). My faith is more simple. Walking with the Lord means standing and waiting for what He will do, a lot of the time – this a friend taught me.
      Hope you are, soldier of the Lord!

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  4. “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him” (1 John 2:15).

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