Downplaying the Inquisition: Answering Todd Friel


In our day, Christians, who have a responsibility to know history, are denying or downplaying what happened to us during a period of at least 605 years in Europe (1203 – 1808 A.D.).

In regard to individual Catholics who are innocent of such things, and who would never want to do them, and who cannot believe that their Church could or would do them, their relief in having these crimes denied or downplayed is understandable. But the Roman Catholic Church itself, and any individual Catholics who know that the truth is being buried, and even see these crimes as justified, are guilty along with the perpetrators. 



15 thoughts on “Downplaying the Inquisition: Answering Todd Friel

      • It is important! I’m pretty sure Catholic children have never been taught this in Parochial school, or by their priests or nuns. The thing is…it happened. If the so-called “mother church” could have been guilty of such atrocities, how could this have been from God? Our precious Lord never ordained his sheep to be led to the slaughter and abused for even a single minute, let alone for 600 yrs. I would venture to say the Catholic church would still be doing it if they could get away with it in these modern times. No, they have merely changed tactics, or “colors”, much like a chameleon.
        May grace and peace be multiplied to you Maria.

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        • It could not be from God, Scarlett – that is right.

          I remember learning something about the Inquisition in Catholic school, but it was presented as something that happened because of heretics. Heresy and heretics, and non-Catholics, were things I heard a lot about. To me they seemed like criminals. This is the impression I received.

          You’re right that their tactics have changed. So we must pray that people will receive a love of the truth that they might be saved. Otherwise they will be deceived and finally deluded.

          May grace and peace be multiplied to you, Scarlett, forever!

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  1. Protestant Reformation is nowadays often judged. It is disgusting and a lie. The mega-killer and mystery of iniquity is Babylon, what came finally to Rome. Look at that and you see it in plain sight. But apostate church leaders are blaming the Reformaion and connecting with Rome.

    With the Reformation started at once the Counter-Reformation and the increasing Inquisition. Protestants had been attacked also by infiltration, false support (misguiding), false teaching and so on. So the problems and failures had been based on that and, of course, on human weakness. We all are in the flesh and have problems. Our lukewarm period is fare behind the power of the historical Protestants. So who is strong enough to through the first stone?

    OK, we can criticize some wrong developements of the Reformation and try to do someting better, but we have to deeply respect our forefathers from Protestant Reformation and what the HOLY LORD did through their hands. They came out of the Dark Ages, but we are now going in there. And a lot of people don´t know their Bible and who is the their enemy.

    There is a big risk for you in US because of the not finished Counter-Reformation and the white horse coming in September, maybe followed by other horses. Maybe they want to be finished until 2017, 500 years anniversary – maybe. It could throw US and eventually the whole world into a fast rising night:

    “EUROPE’S TRAGEDY, in Catholic opinion, is due to the
    breaking up of its great papal-controlled confederation of
    states by the Protestant Reformation. All the efforts of the
    Catholic Church since have been directed to the work of counter-
    Reformation—to re-establish the political and social order of pre-
    Reformation times.“ | Lehmann, Behind the Dictators (1945)

    May the HOLY GOD help us all in JESUS / JESHUA´s name. Maranatha!

    Maria, our LORD bless you and family richly!

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    • Stephan, I agree that the Counter Reformation is still alive, still striving to return all peoples to Rome, still undermining Biblical faith. It is frightening and sad to hear the Reformation blamed for the disunity among Christians. Yes, the Reformed churches were imperfect. But it is right to remember that only two churches of seven churches in the Revelation of Jesus Christ were commended without rebuke by Him.

      About how events will unfold in His timing, I believe that we can see that all throughout history the judgments of God have been unfolding. It is not something only for the future. I do believe we are very close to the last of these. More than this I can’t say.

      Thank you for the wonderful blessing! I am grateful for your work.
      Lord bless you and your loved ones!

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      • By wars and persecution, the counter-Reformation destroyed Protestant Europe bit by bit through history. French Revolution, World War I and II etc. And finally infiltration and false doctrines are damaging the church from inside until to great apostasy. But this is also bringing forth the remnant church which is no denomination and no organisation but GOD´s pure bride.

        Congress announced the ” his holyness…. holy father….”
        RED ALERT! Pope To Address Congress in September!!! (YT: husky394xp).

        The second public warning:
        ” Herald at Babylon @HeraldAtBabylon · 15. Apr. : Pope again stokes World War III fears … Surely the ‘Pontifex Maximus’ didn’t make this warning in vain…

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  2. THis guy is historically ignorant. I sug gest he looks at the documentary done by the BBC. The BBC is not a friend of Catholicism and has always taken the most negative side of History with regard to Catholicism. But here they did exactly what our show host says they should do. They went back to the VERY DETAILED archives in Europe. The actual events recorded. I suggest this guy listen to it.


  3. I might add I read a book done probably 10 years before the BBC documentary called “Salvation at Stake” The author used the same methods. He went to the actual, very detailed, very well kept archives throughout Europe.. He came to the EXACT Same conclusions that tthe BBC did. Yes there were atrocities but they are greatly embellished by the Protestants throughout the last five hundred years.

    And yes there were MANY protestant atrocities. “Good Queen Bess ” loved to have the bowels removed from Catholics so they might have a slow and painful death. Cromwell slaughtered over 60000 men women and children. in Ireland. Over one million Irish women and children were enslaved by Protestants. Many families were separated and the Irish women were forced to breed with black slaves because black slave children brought a higher price. Luther himself approved othe slaughter of 100,000 German Peasants. John Calvin participated in the Geneva Inquisition where 55 men were killed. Some burned at the stake. Zwingli had Anabaptistss drowned. 19 priests and nuns were killed in Switzerland by Calvinists and over 200 priests were killed in England. This is not made up Catholic history. These are historical facts this host does not seem to know about. So there is plenty of bloodshed, persecution, and killing to go around.


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