The true history of Patrick of Ireland, part 2


Here is another help to better understand Patrick, our brother in Christ, who is so often misrepresented and misunderstood. 


How does a Christian Missionary end up celebrated by beer and drunkenness? Who was this man they call Saint Paddy?

In October 2013, in Ireland, I had the privilege of speaking on the heritage of the historical Patrick. I found that many people did not realize that the true Christian faith in Ireland, which had lasted for more that 600 years after the time of Patrick, in just a matter of weeks in the year 1172 changed Ireland from being a Christian nation to being a Roman Catholic nation. Thus, I have just revised the original video showing historically how that change came about. Patrick the Evangelist, who brought the true Gospel of Christ to the Irish, is an historical figure that needs to be heard in his own reverberating words and feelings. The heartbeat and the soul of Patrick was the Gospel of Christ Jesus. The facts presented in this DVD will no doubt be a revelation to many. Patrick’s message of God’s grace, and his legacy, are all scriptural and are a deep encouragement in our time. Please make this DVD known to others if at all possible. Link to it or have it placed on an Internet website or blog.

Thank you Richard Bennett



5 thoughts on “The true history of Patrick of Ireland, part 2

  1. very interesting and enlightening post as I have never before known this history – was never taught it in school – thank you for your research and writing – it is a blessing to me!

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