A little late but completely up-to-date: a video about the movie “The Passion of the Christ”


Mel Gibson’s Vivid and Idolatrous Deception: The Passion of the Christ

After all these years, is this discussion relevant? Yes, it is. We need to know why this film is all wrong.



Richard Bennett’s article on this subject:

Passion of Christ – Mel Gibson’s Vivid Deception


10 thoughts on “A little late but completely up-to-date: a video about the movie “The Passion of the Christ”

  1. Thank you for bringing an awareness to this video. I was wondering if I was the only believer that had real concerns about this movie, for so many reasons. Just the people involved in making it should raise a red flag. If I want to know about Christ’s crucifixion, I will read about it in the bible. ajc

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    • Jen, hello! Thank you for reblogging this so more people can hear a clear presentation of the Gospel and an explanation of what is sinful about this movie and others like it. Yes, it does make you wonder about the image of the Beast – yes, definitely food for thought.
      God bless you and your husband!

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      • Now I’ve written that, I may just bring it out on my own blog. I watched the whole film. Very strong in his witness, that man; isn’t he. How wonderful to know that he was delivered from that religion, and made to see Christ for Who He really is – and for bringing across the solemn message about idols.

        Glad you shared it, Maria. Thank you.

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        • Jen, yes, he is very strong in his witness. I pray that we will be that way too. His message about idols is solemn, yes. You know we have lost in our day some of the solemness, and need to get it back. People believe they have to be glib or glitzy because there are so many voices competing for attention. It’s true that there are all these voices, but I believe that if we clearly present the Gospel, that the Lord takes care of who hears and who believes – it’s just our part to tell others and pray.
          Thank you for taking all of this seriously, for the seriousness of your faith!

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