“…on earth…”

Solid Biblical commonsense about the Millennium from a veteran student of God’s Word.


This is a follow-up to my last post, in which I asked the question, “In praying ‘thy kingdom come,’ what are we praying for?”  In that post, I connected the request for the coming of the kingdom to the request that God’s will be done on earth in the same way that it is done in heaven.  In other words, isn’t praying for the kingdom praying for something that happens or will happen on the earth?

I understand that there is a lot of discussion about “the kingdom.”  Some simply cannot accept the idea of what they consider to be “an earthly, carnal, political” kingdom.  According to these folks, it’s a “spiritual kingdom,” that is, the rule of Christ in the hearts of His people.  It’s already happening, because He’s ruling in Heaven.  But that in itself is nothing new.  “Relationship with God,” as it’s called today, has always been…

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6 thoughts on ““…on earth…”

  1. But you don’t believe this anymore since you say you are amillennial…? Well, at least you did believe in the 1,000 year reign. I’m sad to see you have changed your mind, precious sister. It was a good post though!

    Have a blessed night, amen! \o/ ❤


    • Sherry, you probably noticed this but this is a reblog of a post by Clarence from November 2014. My understanding of what the Bible teaches about the Millennium – the thousand years when Satan is bound – has increased. For me this is not a sad change. After you see this I will take down this reblog. Lord bless you, my sister!

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