The Millennium will follow the Lord’s return – an explanation by H. Grattan Guinness


“The millennium will be a peculiar period, unlike any period that has as yet been known on earth. If it were immediately to precede the coming of Christ, it would surely have been mentioned among the signs of that great event which we are exhorted to note. But it is never so mentioned; it is never mentioned at all in connection with an advent following it. In no one single passage of Scripture can the two events be found in this order; nor can a single text be produced in which the second advent of Christ is spoken of, in connection with a preceding millennium. We must therefore conclude that the millennium is to follow the coming of Christ…

“… This book [Revelation] presents the church as exposed to tribulation, and having need of patience, as bearing a painful and dangerous testimony to Christ, and as enduring temptation and persecution, right up to the time of the advent. Its author was, in his own person, a representative of the church in these respects. ‘I John, who also am your brother, and companion in tribulation, and in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ, was in the isle that is called Patmos, for the word of God, and for the testimony of Jesus Christ.’ Never in the whole course of the book do we see the saints exalted and reigning, until after the second advent …”


The Approaching End of the Age – Viewed in the Light of History, Prophecy and Science by H. Grattan Guinness (1879)

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8 thoughts on “The Millennium will follow the Lord’s return – an explanation by H. Grattan Guinness

  1. Appropriate to the sequence of the creation days, it is the 7th day, the day of rest (Genesis 2). And this is why it makes no sense to dislocate this order, it is GOD´s resolution for HIS salvation project.

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    • Hi, Sheep Alert! My knowledge of the Hebrew calendar is minimal. All I know is that events in the history of Redemption happen on Jewish feasts – the most important being Jesus’ death on Passover.
      But are you saying – do you believe that – we are in the seventh month? That the Rapture, Reconciliation and Conversion of Israel, and the Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ are just at the door? I believe this too.
      We’ve been studying Biblical prophecy since coming to the Lord, but still are trying to understand what the Bible teaches (that is, studying since about 1981).
      This calendar explains why we have been living in constant Tribulation since after Pentecost – summer drought. I do not believe that a final seven-year Tribulation is taught in the Bible, but that the time of Tribulation has been ongoing. Do you believe this?

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      • Dear Maria, I don´t believe that 7 year-tribulation will come. Yes we are in the “drought of Israel”, tribulation period. Millions of people did die and the spirit of Antichrist tries to extinguish GOD´s WORD, people and church. In general I think, that everything will come to its culmination, maximum work of the four horseman, with their “white False Prophet” and final satanic dictator.

        Daniel explained this as “… a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined.” We see this in history and today. “For the mystery of iniquity doth already work” (2. Thessalonians 2,7) is a further proof to Daniel, since the “people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary” (> Romans, Temple destruction 70 A.D and then the successor the Vatican), The False Prophet is since approx 2.000 years at work to construct his global kingdom = endtime period. I suggest (no dogma!) that the gap between spring-feasts and fall-feasts are the interruption of the 70th week of Daniel. Here is a scheme, done by Roland Pletts (I don´t share all his opinions…):

        Why? The answer of Daniel´s prayer for the people of Israel was what is written down in his book and the 70th week and It is about !!! restoring Israel, out of Babylon !!!. But Israel is still not restored and still conquered by “modern Babylon”!

        So regarding to that clue, the 70th week started with the serivce of JESUS until he was cruzified (= 3,5 years) and will be fulfilled with another 3,5 years which are mentioned in Revelation and start when Antichrist starts his open, satanic dictatorship, extraordinary possessed by Satan.

        To the calendar: Rosh Hashanah with the trumpets is the point when the rapture and the coming of the KING may occur. Me too, I have only a little bit insight into such Jewish things. In Germany we have a lack of Jewish people what is a big problem. We do not understand their life and thinking. A curse, caused by what has happened before 1945. But the Jewish calendar is no coincidence and we can use it for growing studies.
        Shalom! Stephan

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        • Thank you, Stephan, for sharing these things! I appreciate it very much and will study your comments because you have provided a lot of insights.
          I grew up in the Eastern U.S., where many Jewish people live – but now, here where we live, there are few Jews. I’m sorry that your country, which was so helpful to the Reformation, has been so altered by the Counter-Reformation. I’ve heard of German pastors who preach repentance for the Holocaust. May the Lord bless you, His child!

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