Jesus Christ – Glorious Saviour


Psalm 116:1-6

I love the Lord, because he hath heard my voice and my prayers.

For he hath inclined his ear unto me, when I did call upon him in my days.

When the snares of death compassed me, and the griefs of the grave caught me: when I found trouble and sorrow.

Then I called upon the Name of the Lord, saying, I beseech thee, O Lord, deliver my soul.

The Lord is merciful and righteous, and our God is full of compassion.

The Lord preserveth the simple: I was in misery and he saved me.



You gave the lamp,

You gave the light,

I lift it high,

I hold it tight.

No fear remains

where You have led,

No doubt obscures

where You have bled.

All time for You

is but an instant,

my sins to You

are all forgiven.

Lead me, O Lord,

unto Your Heaven.

You gave the lamp,

You gave the light,

No night remains

for You are with me.



Glorious Saviour

me compelling.

Faithful Saviour

truth to me telling.

Eyes of mine opening,

Ears of mine opening,

Glorious Saviour

me compelling,

warning, showing,





16 thoughts on “Jesus Christ – Glorious Saviour

    • Anita,
      I used to do a lot of creative writing, fiction and poetry. I had a novel published and maintained a website that posted Christian fantasy and fairy tales. These are some of my latest attempts at poetry. Again, I’ve tried to be succinct. Do they speak to you?


  1. I think succinct is your middle name, I don’t think you need to worry about saying too much. Yes, this, as I said, sounds like a hymn, which is why I asked. Very beautiful.


    • Maria Succinct T… ?
      Thank you, Anita, for encouraging me to keep writing!
      I wrote these after months of mental anguish and doubts about my salvation. Are we supposed to have those? I guess all I can say is I did. As a Pilgrim I met up with one of Apollyon’s most convincing teammates. At last overcoming through Christ’s blood and Word, I crawled, walked, then ran along the narrow way, knowing that I was definitely on the narrow way – Jesus! – because that is where I want to be.
      Hope you’re well today, fellow Pilgrim – is it Mrs. I’ve-seen-so-many-difficult-things-but-survived?
      God bless you!


  2. Oh yes maria. If I didn’t hate that disco number with a passion I might use it as a theme song, but “I will survive” is true of me, or perhaps the right word is ‘endure’. As for doubts, do they ever stop? Some of my worst days have been only in the last few weeks. I think that’s why we need each other so much.

    I will be praying for you. Keep your chin up and your fingers on the keyboard. Wink.


    • Anita, thank you!
      I’m sorry that these last few weeks have been more difficult than usual! So your Pilgrim name should be something more like “Mrs. She-endured-as-seeing-Him-Who-is-invisible”? God bless and help you!
      Our Father, please strengthen and encourage your daughter, Anita!
      In Jesus’ Name,
      In His love,


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